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Privacy & Coinjoin

Privacy & Coinjoin

This package includes:

  • Wasabi CoinJoin software (Free)
  • 1-on-1 Privacy tutorial by phone (90 minutes)
  • US$25 bitcoin voucher

Wasabi is not only an excellent desktop wallet, it also offers an advanced bitcoin transaction obfuscation protocol called CoinJoin. This process is fully trustless, self-custodial, completely anonymous and is easily done directly within the Wasabi application. It will greatly make it more difficult for unauthorized third parties to track your Bitcoin transactions and figure your wallet balances. In addition, we will teach you the art of “coin selection” and transaction labelling. You can become a master at crafting different types of Bitcoin transactions to increase your anonimity. Using this package requires you to have at least 0.11 BTC.

Order Summary

1 x Privacy & Coinjoin Package

*Each package has US$25 BTC credit





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